Jun - 17 - 2019

Powder Coat Oven

I built a powder coat oven so that I can powder coat the items that I make on my plasma table, or other welding projects. The frame is make of 1.5" X 1/8" steel angle. The body panels are Hardy Backer, which is a cement board generally used under the tiles of a kitchen counter top. I selected it because it is relatively inexpensive (compared to steel) and is completely fire proof.

The interior box is made from galvanized steel roof panels and incorporates a rail system to support the parts trolley. insulation between the two boxes is provided by a set of old ceiling tiles that have had their plastic cover removed.

The heating elements and temperature control are from an old kitchen range. The oven hits the target temperature (450 degrees F) in about 10 minutes, and once at temperature runs a complete powder coat cycle in about 30 minutes.


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