Jun - 17 - 2019

Gantry Crane

I built a gantry crane to enable me to load heavy sheets of steel onto the CNC plasma table. This allows me to load and cut much heavier metal than I can load by hand. I MIG-welded the tack welds to hold the parts in position, and then used a 1/8" E6011 rod to stick-weld the final assembly.

I used 5/8" grade 8 bolts to hold the uprights to the span. Putting the clearance holes in the I-beam was a real problem. I do not have access to the appropriate (41/64") drill bit, nor do I have a drill that can take the 1/2" shank that such a bit requires. I solved the problem by making a 16-gauge cutting template on the CNC table and using the Cutmaster 42 plasma cutter to cut the bolt holes. The pierce time for the plasma jet to burn a hole in the I-beam was quite long and tended to destroy the cutting tip. Check the photos of the consumables near the middle of the gallery. I averaged one cutting tip per hole in the I-beam.


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